The plastered Thermally insulated ceiling is a less expensive way to improve the U value of your conservatory and gain and all year round living space.

The thermally insulated ceiling comes with a 5 year company guarantee

We install treated timber battens to the existing roof maintaining the existing roof style

Then Super quilt multi layer insulation is installed as per manufacturer instructions covering the underside of the roof being fixed to the battens.

Multi-foil insulation is the leading type of insulation and has the highest performance per mm than fibre insulation. Multi- foil insulation has the highest reflective insulation properties. This is vital when insulating the underside of a polycarbonate roof. Reflecting excessive unwanted heat out in the summer and reflecting the heat generated in your home in the winter.

Then we install a second layer of timber battens to allow for the plasterboard to be fixed

After fitting the plasterboard the ceiling is then plastered.

Supaquilt from Warm Conservatory Roof Company
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Even More Supaquilt from Warm Conservatory Roof Company
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