Why Invest in a Tiled Conservatory Roof?

tiled conservatory roofWhen you’re looking to improve your home, high on the list of things to do are decorating, updating the kitchen or simply replacing the odd piece of furniture in the living room.  Most people who have a conservatory think there is very little they can do to this space, but what if we told you they were wrong and you could have a tiled conservatory roof?

If like most people, once you’ve had the conservatory build, you leave it the way it is, enjoying it in the Summer months but avoiding going into it during the Winter months or even spending a fortune keeping it warm.  Most conservatories have a glass roof which is often no environmentally efficient for retaining heat.

The Warm Conservatory Roof Company are able to provide you with a solution that can change how you view your conservatory and turn it into a usable space all year round.

Tiled Conservatory Roof Replacement Options

Over the course of just a few days, with very little disruption, you can replace the glass roof with an energy efficient tiled roof.

This sounds like a massive job, but it really is a very straightforward process to undertake the conversion.

Why make the investment in a tiled conservatory roof?

Energy efficiency

The biggest effect on your conservatory living space will be the change in temperature all year round.  The tiled conservatory roof provides a great way of keeping a more comfortable temperature all year round.

By swapping your glass roof for a tiled one with solid tiles and insulated material means that the energy efficiency of your conservatory is significantly higher.

It really is a simple conversion

The tiled roof option means you can use your conservatory as a proper room: a home office, a second lounge, a play room or dining room.

Recent breakthroughs in material design and roofing solutions means that the conversion can be undertaken without affecting the rest of the structure, the side windows, doors, etc.  This means that the disruption is kept to a minimum.

A Tiled Conservatory Roof Will Last Longer

A tile roof requires little maintenance beyond your usual gutter clearing.  They are durable and are designed to be installed and last longer than the traditional glass conservatory roof.

Want to know more? For a no-obligation conversation, call the Warm Conservatory Roof Company in Northampton on 01604 549 404 or Milton Keynes on 01908 483 250

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