Building Regulations Certificate for a Tiled Conservatory Roof

For every tiled conservatory roof the Warm Conservatory Roof Company installs, you are supplied with a Building Regulations Certificate.

Local authorities that manage building control insist on Building Regulations Certificate for structural changes such as a tiled conservatory roof . The Warm Conservatory Roofing Company will ensure you get the Building Regulations Certificate by working with your local authority. The certificate protects you from a badly fitted replacement roof where very common issues include mould and condensation to a roof collapse.

Below are some of the pros and cons between simply cladding over your conservatory roof and The Warm Conservatory Roof company method.


Building Regulations Certificate

Why is a Building Regulations Certificate important?

There are no building control issues if the home was ever to be sold, the certificate gives you peace of mind.

Not having a certificate could potentially cause you additional cost and delays when looking to sell or re-mortgage your home.

The certificate reassures the home owner that the installation conforms to all current regulations.

If you place an order for a tiled conservatory roof with The Warm Conservatory Roof Company, what is the process to obtain a Building Regulations Certificate?

There are five easy steps we assist your in obtaining the certificate:

Step 1

You complete our Building Control Information Sheet and return it to us with your order.

Step 2

You take a ‘before’ photograph and submit it to us

Step 3

You take a ‘during’ photograph showing the work in progress and submit it to us

Step 4

You take a ‘completed’ photograph and submit it to us

Step 5

You will receive a Building Regulations Certificate


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